Executive Leadership Team

Joining Vice Chancellor Marc Fisher is an Executive Leadership Team comprised of leaders of each operating unit within the division and key support personnel:

Marc Fisher

Vice Chancellor, Administration

Ann Jeffrey
Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff

Sally McGarrahan
Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Services

John Arvin
Associate Vice Chancellor, Capital Strategies

Jenn Stringer
Associate Vice Chancellor, IT and Chief Information Officer

Eugene Whitlock
Assistant Vice Chancellor, People & Culture

Wendy Hillis
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Architect

Margo Bennett
Chief of Police

Kira Stoll
Chief Sustainability & Carbon Solutions Officer

Elena Wen Jiang
Chief Financial Officer

Russell Chung
Chief Procurement Officer

Ella Callow
ADA/Section 504 Compliance Officer

Seamus Wilmot
Director, Parking & Transportation

Michèle Huff
Director, Business Contracts & Brand Protection

Eric Anglim
Director, Property Management & Library Bindery

Mike Cook
Director, Business Process Management Office

William W. Reichle
Communications Director