Administration Division

Background image: Picture of the UC Berkeley campus at night
Powered by problem solvers who deliver the technology services and support that enable students, faculty, and staff to do their best work
Upholding the civil rights of disabled people and the University's mission by ensuring an accessible campus
Offering a variety of parking options, alternative transportation options, special event support, and more
Providing public safety & law enforcement services for the campus and its satellite properties
Providing HR, Purchasing & Reimbursements, and Research Administration support to campus departments/units
Providing guidance and services that promote health, safety, and environmental stewardship
Leading workplace culture in the HR space and beyond - through people, policy, strategy, and engagement
Supporting project services to help departments/units meet their goals
Providing the campus with operational, maintenance, utility, and renewal services
Offering BearBUY for acquiring quality goods & supplies plus other procurement & vendor contract services
Offers planning, design, real estate, construction & development services to the campus community
Coordinating response & reovery efforts for emergencies affecting the campus
Fostering Berkeley's culture of sustainability & spearheading campus climate change solutions