Integrated Service Regions

A new model for delivering integrated administrative support services has been developed and is being deployed.  The “regional model” aims to create integrated service teams to provide clusters of schools, colleges, and organized research units with research administration, human resources, business, travel reimbursement, and other aspects of administrative support.

ERSO, the regional services team serving the College of Engineering, the School of Environmental Design, and the School of Information, has been in operations for several years and is considered the first regional service team. The ChaMPS region, consisting of the College of Chemistry and the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, became operational in January of 2018 while the BEST region, representing the College of Natural Resources and the Divsion of Biological Sciences, became operational in August. The remaining academic and one mostly administrative region aim to be operational by the end of the calendar year (see graphic below).

Each region will have a Regional Associate Dean directing operations and representing the interests of the principal investigators, faculty, and staff in the region.  Additionally, a dedicated Regional Director will manage the day-to-day operations of the region as well as the service professionals. The Regional Associate Deans and Regional Directors from all regions will meet regularly to identify issues and propose solutions for improving service delivery across campus.

The Executive Sponsors for the implementation of integrated service delivery are:

  • Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Randy Katz, Vice Chancellor, Research
  • Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor, Administration

Service Regions – December, 2018

Service Regions