Use People Cards to see Essential Access/Daily Symptom Screener "tags" and more!

August 24, 2020

Looking for an easy way to see a “snapshot” of the employees who report to you and see information like their job code, title, department (org node), pay chartstrings, etc.? Plus, managers and supervisors can now see which of their staff are on the approved 'Essential Access' list and  have passed the 'Daily Symptom Screener' by using People Cards.  With both of these 'tags", the assumption is these staff are planning to be on campus that specific day.

The new People Cards can display this and more! Found on the Regional Portal site at: as well as on the home pages of the Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) website and regional sites for ChaMPS, BEST, SHARE, ProS, and BEARS via this button: 

If you manage people, it will display a “card” for each of your direct reports: 

Just click on the brackets [  ]  icon in the top right corner of each card to reveal details about that employee. If that employee also manages people, click the down arrow ↓ to drill down their direct reports. One of the features is that any employee whose appointment is expiring in the next 90 days is flagged with a red, letter “A” badge above their names.


NEW FEATURES recently added for Essential Access List and Daily Symptom Screener tool --  

Some additional facts to know about People Cards

  • The information is pulled from UCPath - you can still go to your UCPath Dashboard for these details; People Cards just gives another option and is a subset of UCPath data. 

  • For those who don’t manage people, you can still see a snapshot of your own information, or

  • Look up any employee (using “find people”) to see who they report to - just click the drop down next to their name on the results screen.

Vice Chancellor, Administration’s Business Process Management Office (BPMO) Team is looking to add additional features to People Cards - Keep checking back!