Recognizing Excellence in Management & Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award recipients

April 26, 2024

The Berkeley Staff Assembly recently announced the recipients of this year's Excellence in Management Award, who are recognized for leading their teams and team members to meaningful accomplishments this past year. This year’s award theme, “Cultivating Staff, Harvesting Success: Recognizing Excellence in Management” highlights leaders who excel in cultivating their staff, leading to overall success for the team and the organization.

Recognizing recipients in the Administration Division:

  • Julia Arno, Berkeley Regional Service Professional Schools Region
  • John Benedict, IT Client Services
  • Sarah Gaugler, ERSO Region
  • Adrianne Mann, Berkeley IT
  • Mike Murphy, Supply Chain Management

The Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Awards are coordinated by the Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee. COSA awards are presented to individuals and teams from our staff community who, in addition to performing their normal job duties with excellence, demonstrate exceptional initiative in contributing to the Berkeley campus community. These awards are among the highest honors bestowed upon staff by the Chancellor. The official program for the 2024 award ceremony. Recognizing this year's recipients in the Administrative Division: 


  • Russ Ballati, Business Process Management Office
  • James Dudek, People & Culture
  • Rakha Karichedu, Berkeley IT


The 2023 Next Opportunity at Work (NOW) Conference Planning Committee

  • Alex Reyes, Andrea Parthasarathy, Arliss Nakken, Colin Gerker-Junsay, Carrie Sownie, Deepak Sharma, Lisa Rykert, Michael Thompson, Pam Rich, Tara Hertstein, and Ying Kuah.

Berekely UCPath Operations Team

  • Anna Waters, Avry Schellenbach, Kyra Troyan, Nico Feria, Ray Ringle, and Stacey Alvarez.

Berkeley People Management: Executive Coaching Program Team

  • Colin Jerker-Junsay and Ying Kuah.

Gender Recognition and Lived Name Project (full recipient list)

  • Andrea Lloyd, Anne Marie Richard, Andrea Whipple-Samuel, Ava Blustein, Barb Sowden, Billy Curtis, Brian Koehmstedt, Charron Andrus, Cruz Grimaldo, Dania Matos, David Robinson, David Turner, Deanna Sailor, Deepthika Nallaparaju, Douglas McSkimming, Elisa Diane Huerta, Em Huang, Eric Armstrong, Eugene Whitlock, Faye Snowden, Frankie Pun, Gabriel Gonzalez, Gaurav Singh, Jabari Thomas, James Dudek, Jan Crosbie-Taylor, Janet Gilmore, Jason Abdelmesieh, Jason C. Miller, Jeff Parks, Jeremy Wagner, Jonathon Taylor, Justin Selph, Kamyar Marashi, Kazim Senoglu, Ken Hensel, Khira Griscavage, Lien Truong, Liv Hassett, Liza Schlosser-Olroyd, Luqi Jia, Marc Pechaitis, Mariah Dyson-Smith, Mary Northup, Michelle Caruso, Nili Ovaici, Pankaj Patel, Rahul Shrivastava, Radha Karichedu, Rana Silver, Robyn Doughty, Russ Ballati, Sam Griffin, Sarah Reed, Sharon Inkelas, Siva Sareddy, Stacey Alvarez, Staci Ludwig, Summer Scanlan, Syed Ahmed, Wood Foster-Smith, Xijie Guo, and Yvonne Fang.