IT Productivity Suite

Building community and collaboration on campus through shared IT solutions

The IT Productivity Suite enhances collaboration between faculty, staff and students by offering access to a set of best-in-class IT tools – including an integrated email and calendar service from Google—that will help us to communicate and work together as a campus in unprecedented ways.

Project Resources

Project Leadership

Sponsor Lyle Nevels
Project Manager Alex Walton
Functional Owner Bill Allison
Change Manager David Scronce
Communications Lead Lisa McLaughlin

Project Description

Thousands of staff-hours are spent each year researching and debating potential software purchases, levels of site license, and product options. The choices are numerous and often complex, and the tools chosen are not always the optimal ones. The lack of common office productivity software and collaboration tools has led to significant fragmentation, excessive cost, and productivity inefficiencies campus-wide.

The IT Productivity Suite provides the entire campus community with a common set of powerful, industry-standard tools to improve our ability to collaborate and communicate. By consolidating the procurement, vendor management, and distribution of a comprehensive suite of solutions, UC Berkeley will save money, and more importantly, increase efficiencies and promote connectivity among faculty, students, and staff. This project will outsource the provision, management, and operation of a comprehensive suite of productivity solutions from best-in-class providers including Google and Adobe. This project will lower the per unit costs of email, calendar, and productivity and collaboration tools as a whole, enhance individual performance, and increase connectivity among faculty, students, and staff—and beyond. By implementing such a solution, the University can focus on the use of the tools and their expanding capabilities rather than on maintaining existing and often redundant systems. In addition to cost and time savings, the proposed productivity services solution will give the campus additional benefits that will be realized as they are used, especially as mobile devices become more ubiquitous.

The IT Productivity Suite includes an integrated calendar and email service from Google Apps for Education, the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and Box, a cloud-hosted platform for storing and sharing files.

Delivering the Vision

Implementing a third-party productivity services suite will help achieve the vision of Operational Excellence by reducing administrative costs, advancing an effective and efficient operating environment, and instilling a culture of continuous improvement. This project combines $6 million in OE investment with $13 million in outside funding and projects $2.1 million in annual run-rate savings.


The OE Executive Committee approved the project in June 2011 and implementation commenced in August 2011. The project is slated to be completed by June 2013.