Fiscal Year 2019 Year-End Close Deadlines

BRS HR/APS Deadlines

Submit an online BRS HR/APS ServiceNow request. For questions, call 510-664-9000 - option 3 or contact your respective BRS HR/APS Partner or Generalist.

Final Deadlines


Onboarding New/Rehired UC Berkeley Employees (both BW and MO)


All new/rehired employees for June should attend Onboarding by the deadline date in order to receive pay on June 26 (for BW employees) or  July 1 (MO employees).

Payroll Corrections/Missing Payments


Requests for any late payroll corrections and/or missing payment requests for all employees.

Position Funding Entries


*Position funding entries must also be endorsed by the appropriate Department Approver(s) by the deadline.

UCPath Position Funding Updates

Requests for Position Funding updates handled by BRS must be submitted by 6/3.

Please note: for Position Funding updates handled by departments/units, 6/19 (BW) and 6/24 (MO) are the final UCPath Pay Confirm dates.

Pre-UCPath Funding Corrections  (Payroll Expense Transfers-PETs)

Requests for final pre-UCPath position funding corrections (PETs)  with effective dates prior to 2/28 (for MO) and 3/9 (for BW) should be submitted by 6/3.

Post-UCPath Funding Corrections (processed as Direct Retros)

Requests for final position funding entries with effective dates after 3/1 (for MO) and 3/10 (for BW) that are handled by BRS must be submitted by 6/3.

Please note: for Position Funding updates handled by departments/units, 6/19 (BW) and 6/24 (MO) are the final UCPath Pay Confirm dates.

Personnel Actions (e.g., FTE changes, Pay Rate changes, Separations)


Requests for all changes for bi-weekly (non-exempt) and monthly (exempt) employees.

Requests for all June 2019 Faculty and/or Staff Separations



Final deadline for STAR Award Payments requests (SPOT or Achievement Awards).


BFS Suspense Payroll Actions handled by BRS :

Final deadline for campus units/departments to approve all Suspense Payroll Actions in BFS by 6/3.  Limited BFS suspense lines are still being generated when pre-UCPath payroll is corrected in PPS with an incorrect chartstring.

Please note: For post-UCPath Suspense (69995) Payroll Expense Actions handled by departments/units, 6/24 is the final UCPath Pay Confirm date to correct via direct retro.

BRS Purchasing and Reimbursements (P&R)


Low-value catalog (under $5,000) and non-catalog (under $1,000) orders that are filled out correctly will auto approve the same day (unless they’re funded with Federal or Contract & Grant funds).  

Orders over $5,000 are due to BRS on 5/17/19 in order to be adhere to Supply Chain Management’s due date timeframe of 5/24/19.


For faster processing, use Direct Enter for Travel & Entertainment expenses. BRS will continue to process complex travel reimbursements that involve extensive foreign currency and multiple destinations as well as T&E expense reimbursements for visitors and non-employee students. Please allow ten (10) business days for BRS to process these requests. Note: This does not include processing time by Accounts Payable (AP).

For additional assistance, contact your respective BRS regional Purchasing and Reimbursements supervisor or team lead.  

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management-related deadlines were previously announced in their April BearBuy Newsletter on the SCM website:

Purchase Order (PO) requests greater than $100,000 were due on 5/1/2019 -- those over $5000 are due on 5/24/19. Contact your Buyer directly for any additional assistance.

Central Human Resources (CHR)

Employees are encouraged to check mandatory online training requirements before the end of the fiscal year. Although each employee has a different deadline depending on your last course completion date, all required training must be up-to-date by 6/30/19 for merit considerations. To check your mandatory training requirements, log in to the UC Learning Center and click on the Required Training button on the dashboard. Once you are in, you can filter by "Required" to see all required training and the date your compliance will expire. Click here to see an example